Arudem launches the “Arudem Hangout” at Kampala’s premier indoor sports facility-Fast Sports Fusion.

After a seemingly never-ending 8 months of major planning, we have finally added another win to the gaming and esports experience for our community: “The Arudem Hangout” 

The need for a physical experience stemmed from the constant need to give our community a better experience since our current office wasn’t serving the gamer’s need to go all out and play whatever game they desired without the restrictions of a corporate space. 

The Arudem Hangout located at, fast sports fusion will serve the community’s need for the ultimate gaming experience, and in addition to gaming, the-over-4,000-square-foot facility features a state of the art fully equipped gym, football, basketball and volleyball courts bar and restaurant

Additionally, the space will bridge the knowledge gap between non-gamers and gamers and show the impact that the esports scene can add to the sports field. We will host edutainment workshops, in-house gaming events and a variety of esports tournaments. We are also looking at using the hangout to build more on web 3 concepts like AR and VR

The Arudem Hangout will feature a next-gen console setup to facilitate casual and competitive tournaments, state-of-the-art gaming PCs for esports, and live streams.

During livestreams and gameplay our gamers will be able to run on fast uninterupted  internet speeds of upto 100 mbps by our ISP partner sprint 

Gamers should expect nothing but gaming and good vibes