Introducing Gamers Nights: The Gaming All-Nighter Shaking Up Uganda’s Gaming Scene
Joe Muhoozi schooling guys at FIFA

We all know the gaming industry has been ruling the entertainment world for years. Thanks to technology that allows gamers worldwide to connect and compete in virtual worlds.

But what about gamers connecting with fellow gamers  in the real world? That’s where Gamers Nights comes in.

Every last Friday of the month, Kampala’s finest gamers gather for an all-night gaming experience.

Gamers Nights is a multiplayer gaming community based in Uganda that has been in existence since 2010. With the event now hosted at Fast Sports Fusion, our goal is to make it even better by giving gamers access to the entire facility so they can enjoy not only games but also soccer, basketball, board games and even tasty meals!

Gamers simply have to bring their PC and LAN cable and get hooked up to our network. Thanks to the unlimited internet speed provided by Sprint Ug, and let the games begin!

Some of the games are competitive, some are cooperative and some are even team based

It’s not just about competitions thou, It’s a chance to put faces to gamer tags and connect with like-minded peeps. The event is slowly gaining momentum and bringing the gaming community together.

And the best part? The sense of community that’s created by Gamers Nights is impressive now that battles that are not concluded at Gamers Nights can be finished on our discord.

In conclusion, if you’re a gamer in Kampala looking for a fun and inclusive community, you gotta check out the next Gamers Nights. It’s not just a gaming event, it’s a chance to make new friends (or bromances, if that’s your thing 😜). Have a blast, and revolutionize the gaming industry in Uganda one all-nighter at a time