What’s the fuss about anime in the gaming industry? Let’s take you through an anime and chill evening.

We thought this should go without saying, but for those who might not know:
The word anime is in fact a shortened form of the Japanese word animēshon, which means “animation.”
While anime has its roots in Japan, it has since spread to other countries. And today, anime can be found in many different languages, including English.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump in:

  • Meeting the home to a large anime community anime and chill
  • Why anime and gaming go hand in hand
  • Final thoughts

Meeting the home to a large anime community “anime and chill”

Two weeks ago, the Arudem Hangout had its first appearance at an anime-and-chill event organized by Kampala’s growing anime community, “anime & chill ”.

It was clear from the crowd that attended the event that not only anime fans, but gamers were also present. At the hangout booth, we had ”Naruto Shippuden” and ”Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” games running and everyone wanted a turn at playing.

Apart from the hangout booth, there were many opportunities for games. Different competitions challenged people to guess anime characters based on clues. The level of anime fandom was impressive.

Here’s why anime and gaming go hand in hand:

Games and anime fans often share similar interests, such as science fiction, fantasy, and action adventure. It is common to find similar themes and storylines in anime series and video games.

Anime and gaming often share a similar visual style, and anime-style graphics are prominent in many video games. As a result, fans of one medium may have an easier time transitioning to the other.

Japanese culture: Both gaming and anime have strong roots in Japanese culture. We see this with many popular anime series and games originating in Japan. This has created a shared appreciation for Japanese culture among fans of both mediums.

Both gaming and anime have strong online communities, including forums, social media groups, and streaming services. The perfect space for fans of both gaming and anime to come together and share their interests.

Final thoughts

At least 8 in 10 gamers also watch anime, which can be a great community-building activity. And as a brand, we’re excited to run more community activations around anime

The anime community is very inclusive which creates an opportunity for diversity within the gaming space.

Overall, the connection between gamers and anime can be attributed to shared interests, visual styles, Japanese culture, and strong online communities.